Sgt GC Roberts 3144
C. Coy 1/5th Welsh Regt
159th Brigade 53rd Division
June 24th, 1916 E.E.F.

Dear Mam and Mailys

I must first give you an explanation of this writing paper. Well this is the only one available now, I have tried at the canteen and they have none there and the boys are also hard up for paper so you see this has got to come back to you, I have no need to tell you how very glad I was to have a very long letter from Mailys, and also the short but very sweet one from Mam. Mind I don’t mean to say that Mailys’ letter was not sweet, it was great like a sixpenny novel in fact. My word she can’t half bounce about her teaching and preaching. She had better not lecture me much for even if I am use to obeying orders it is a soldiers right to grumble so tell her to look out. I am afraid I must remind her that I have got a handle to my name and tell her to use it even if she is Miss Roberts, I am Sgt Roberts at your service. I am glad to hear that Y Peoples Social was a success, you say there was only a few dozen of them there. Well I bet I can name a few of your young people, Benj Evans, Mr Williams’ widow, and MJ Evans and a few more like this, all of them under 64 and over 60. Well I may tell you that that…. in Rhymmny want their eyes and brains seen too, fancy exempting a big bloke like Price and sending a little rat of a chap like Tom Davies. Bless their little hearts, I would send the bloming lot of them if I had my way. Is Austin and Emrys exempt from the army, if so its a rotten same when there are married men with families serving for the likes of them chicken hearted people as I have said before they have not got the guts of a rabbit between the two of them. I also had a letter from Auntie Polly, she tells me you have not written to her for months, how is that. She seems to think that this war will be over in August. Hope she will be right, but I am afraid it will be all over Belgium right enough. You want to know am I safe here, yes as safe as houses, you need not worry on that point. You must excuse writing, am in a hurry to get this finished, it is twilight and about 8:15….. time. Glad to hear that Mailys and Dyfan are getting so big, I see that I will have to grow a bit more or they will put me in the shade. I will be on the alert of the parcel that you are sending. I wrote to thank Mr Davies, the shop, for the small parcel he sent me although it was no use to me, some sort of…. and there was milk in the paper…. and these had melted. Glad you have received my PC at last. While I must wish you all goodnight, hope you are all in the best of help, I am in the pink. With best love and wishes to all.


Divide them between you.