Sgt GC Roberts 3144

C Coy 1/5th Bn Welsh Regt

159th Brigade 53rd Division

June 21 1916 EEF

Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line to let you know that I am as usual in the pink. I wrote to you before a few days ago but there is a mail going out tomorrow so I am writing you this so that you have it in good time. I have not got much to tell you this time am absolutely stumped for news. I wrote to Jon in answer to his letter yesterday and also to Mrs Morgan and Auntie Annie. I did not half pull Aunties leg over the name they have given Dai baby. They should have a bit of consideration for the child and think he has got to carry a handle like that through the world. I was glad to hear that Hughie was alright from Jon. Give my best regards to his father. I should think things are very quiet at home with all the men in the Army. How is it at Abertysswg don’t you get a bit of excitement out of a Zeppelin raid now and again. I once had the experience of a aeroplane raid. I can tell you you will have to (quat lawr?) when they are about. What are Howard Hughes and Will Bebb doing are they in the Army yet. If not they should be ashamed of themselves. They were going to join, so plucky at first but when it came to the push they have not got the guts of a rabbit as we say in slang. Howard wanted to join the Territorials in peace time but jibbed that in the end. The two are rattling good talkers at doing things but very poor fulfillers. It would break their little hearts if they had to leave Abertysswg let alone England to do their bit. Well I said I had no news for you. Lewis Morgan is alright and in the best of health. I had him on ration fatigue this morning he usually asks me for the job. Well I hope you are all in the best of health I wish I had a cake like the one you sent me on April 5th. I still have the memories of that. Well so long for the present. With best love and best wishes to you all

I am your loving Son

Goronwy Roberts



I can’t find the name of the baby GCR refers to that was so ridiculous. It’s possible it didn’t survive. But if Goronwy Cuffin Roberts thought it was amusing it must have been quite the “handle”