Cpl GC Roberts 3144
C. Coy 1/5th Welsh Regt
159th Brigade 53rd Division
June 1st, 1916 E.E.F.

Dear Dad and Mam

I am writing this to you at last I have not written to you for nearly week a week I am sorry but you will have to excuse me this time, will not let happen again. I have been very busy, I received a letter from you two days ago. It was dated May 2nd. It has been delayed a bit, the boat the mail was to come on ran aground before she reached where we are. I was very glad to receive it and to hear that you are all well at home. I also received the handkerchief that you sent. I received a Monmouth Guardian and a small parcel from Mr DD ____ please let them know I have received it. I also had a letter from Nain Jones so you see I was in luck this time. I am going to write to them both this week. You say that I have not let you know whether I received the parcel that you sent me on April 5th. I have written long ago to tell you that I received it and had enjoyed the cake better than I had enjoyed any cake before in my natural, it was great. Was very sorry to hear that Leo Parry has been wounded, hope it is not bad. Hard lines on him after coming through what he did on the Peninsula, going to Mesopotamia to be put and of action. Glad to hear that Roger Williams is better. Glad to hear that the Concert in aid of the local relief fund was a success, hope your grand concert will score quite as good a success. The fame of the Apollo Party has not reached us although they hail from Bargoed. I read the MG, but did not notice anything much in it. I see that Mr Coxon is leaving Rhymney. Good riddance to him he was nuisance to me in the shop, he used to think he knew all about the shop, but he knew nought. The MG are studying economy very much at least they have made the paper very much smaller. Glad to hear that you had such successful series of annual meetings. Hope to be home by the next annual meeting and the war over by then. I don’t dislike soldiering in the least life in the open is great, but I have had enough of foreign countries. There is no place like dear old Wales. A man does not realize, how dear his country is to him until he leaves it. It will be a great change when I see the green fields once again instead of bare sand for everlasting. Well so long to you all for the present. Hope that you are all well. I am in the pink, going to be inoculated tomorrow. With best love to you all.

I am
your loving Son



The Monmouth and Bargoed and Caerphilly Observer was the local newspaper read in GCR’s home town of Abertysswg nr Rhymney.  The reference to the Apollo Party is to a concert given in Abertysswg by the Apollo Glee Singers. In which case the edition of the MG that GCR refers to is from May 19th 1916.