Cpl GC Roberts 3144

C Coy 1/5th Welsh Regt

159th Brigade 53rd division

May 20 1916                         EEF

Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line to let you know that I have received your letter not five minutes ago. It was dated April 27 so you see it has not been so bad coming because I never call a letter old as long as I get it sometime or other. I see you still call me Pte well you can make another alteration again, I am no longer a lance corporal that is one stripe. I have been promoted again to full corporal that is two dogs legs. And I am to be acting company quatermaster sgt, so you see I have not done so bad since I have been back with the Batt. What do you say about it. I am very pleased to be able to tell you that I have received a letter from Jon and a photo of Mag and Jon in it. I am writing to him this afternoon but let him know that I have received it.

Sorry to hear that there has been trouble in Ireland. The whole lot of the leaders should be shot like dogs and the mob as well. I think our wait and see government is a lot too slack with people of this sort. They should come down with a bump on the whole lot of them.

I am sorry to know that there is a conscript in the Roberts family I believe in going with a good heart if one has to go atall. Austin must be jolly chicken hearted, if he ever gets in a bit of a scrap he had better take somebody to look after him and besides he might get hurt. I would like to get a job drilling these conscripts I bet I would put them through the mill they would wish they had never been born. You want to know where my chum Roberts comes from. Well he comes from Merthyr he is a clerk and short hand typist in civil life he is now clerk in the regimental orderly room. You say that you have not received the photos I sent you yet. Hope you will have received them by when you get this letter. Glad to hear that the Social of the YPM (GPM?) was a success. I am not with B Fry now. Not in the same place. So so long for the present. Hope you are all well, I am champion.

With best love and wishes to all

I am

Your loving Son



GCR is obviously, like many British servicemen overseas, pretty unsympathetic with those who took part in the Easter Rising in Ireland; regarding it as a traitorous stab in the back while so many were giving all for their country.

Clearly his attitude to those who awaited conscription rather than volunteering has hardened. Austin Roberts died in Cologne, Germany at the end of the war (1919) perhaps of wounds or of influenza.