Lc Cpl GC Roberts 3144

C Company 1/5th Welsh

159th Brigade 53rd Division


May 19 1916

Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line to let you know that I am in the best of health hope that you all at home can say the same. Well it is very little I have to say to you this time since I am stumped for news. I have not had a letter from you since about a week ago. We don’t get the mail here only about every fortnight. I think I told you that I had received a letter from Mr Whitney and Auntie Pollie with the last mail. I have sent one to Auntie Pollie in reply. Now I have got something to tell you. Our company quatermaster sergeant is coming home on leave, he is time expired and I, your humble, am taking his place till he comes back so you can see I have not done so bad since I have returned to the batt. I have also been recommended for another stripe so you can tell Jon that if he joins our batt he can look out because I will be a boss over him. If I will be able to manage this QM job it will be a very good push forward for a future time don’t you think so. How is Dyfan and Mailys getting on give my love to them hope they are doing alright with their terminals. I have got the memory of that cake in my mouth now, my word I could eat them every day. We had a Welsh sing meeting last Sunday night I enjoyed myself up to the mark. We were singing the old tunes, Aberustwyth, Ton y bottle and the Welsh chaplain is getting an Eistedfodd up for the 1st of June so you may hear of a Welsh Eistethfod on the North Western frontier of Egypt. The weather here is still hot but we have a nice cool breeze blowing from the sea today, it is great. We have plenty of fine bathing here and we have the chance of going fishing if we want to. Our captain is a jolly good sport and will lend us a line. There is plenty of fish about. How is Hugh Cooper getting on give my regards to his father and himself, I don’t know if they let letters go through to France from here. I have no more to say just now. So long for the present with best love and wishes to all.

I am

Your loving Son