Lc Cpl GC Roberts 3144

C Coy 1/5th Welsh Regt

159th Brigade 53rd Division

May 9 1916 E.E.F.

Dear Dad and Mam

“Hurrah” I have had the parcel at last. I am very glad to be able to tell that I received the parcel that you sent dated April 5 today and I can tell you that I haven’t enjoyed a feed like that cake since I left England. It was fine and in the best of condition only the biscuits were broken the cake was quite whole. Everybody in my tent had a go at that cake and some from out of it. I gave Lew Morgan a lump. He also received a parcel of some kind today. All the boys voted that cake splendifious. I am sure that Mam put her best into that cake both in currents and raisons and her love. I have hardly got any left of it now. So you see I must have made a beautiful hole in it I could eat a cake like that every day. I have not only been in luck with the parcel but also in letters. I received a letter from Mr Whitney and also from Auntie Pollie. Mr Whitney is still the scribbler he always was he is a wretched writer far worse than me. He told me that I must be seeing new people and new customs and certainly new customers. Don’t be anxious if my letters come to you in a bunch that is because the boats only come here on certain times. Glad to know that you are all well at home. Mam must be in the pink of condition to be able to cook a cake like the one you sent me. I must also wish Mailys and Dyfan every success with their terminals. Tell Dyfan he must not let Mailys wack him in passing the CWBJ exam. Well I am going on guard this afternoon so I must close now. We have to go on guard absolutely shining so you see I have to get ready. Well I hope you are in the best of health I am in the pink. Well so long for the present. With best love and wishes to you all

I am

Your loving Son



Reverend and Mrs J Roberts with Mailys and Dyfan