Lc Cpl GC Roberts 3144
C Company
1/5th Welsh Regt
159th Brigade 53rd Division
April 30 1916
Dear Dad and Mam
Just a line to let you know that I am alright hope you all at home are the same. I have not got any news to tell you this time nothing of much interest has happened and I wrote in reply to the letter I received this week so you see I will have to wait for another letter before I will be able to write a great deal. I was on church parade this morning. We have got a nonconformist chaplain in our batt and he is a Northman. He has got the North Wales twang about him and when he preaches he gives u some of the Welsh hwull (hwyl). He preaches in English in the morning and holds a Welsh service at night. I my last letter to you I enclosed two PCs of a group of us chaps that were in Cairo together I am in it hope you have received it by now. Mailys mentioned a few of the items you had for dinner ands wanted to know if I would like to have some. I will tell you what I had for dinner today I had a canteen full of gippo. What this is composed of the cooks only know so you had better ask the next soldier that comes home on leave if he gets gippo. Mailys also said that Abertysswg is all in darkness at night because of the Zepp raids. Poor old Abertysswg. I had the pleasant experience of having bombs dropped about me last January from German aeroplanes. Don’t wish them to have another try at dropping them on me again. They might drop too close next time. How is Hughie Cooper getting on let me know in your next and tell his father to send him my kind regards to him. Also give my love to Jon and Mag. When are they going to write to me it’s time I had one now have not had one since I left GLC. I must close now hoping you are all as good in health as I am. That is like a bull fed for a show. Well so long for the present with best love and wishes to all.
I am Your loving Son



Hwyl = a stirring feeling of emotional motivation and energy (OED)

For an account of the Zeppelin raids and the concern in South Wales see: