Pte GC Roberts 3144
C Company
1/5th Welsh Regt
159th Brigade 53rd Division
April 7th 1916

Dear Dad and Mam
Just a line to let you know I am as I always am you know very well what that is. Hope you are all the same. I am very pleased to be able to tell you that I received a fine letter from you yesterday (Friday) dated March 17th and addressed to Sidi Bishr. It was a letter worth having a nice long one. Roll on a few more of the same sort. I was very sorry indeed to hear that Mam has not been well “Buck up Mam”. I will tell you the prescription our doctor uses for nearly all cases he puts some iodine(?) on the complaint and tells the patient to buck up. So Mam needs some iodine and buck up. Cures all complaints. We are having some very hot weather here just now but it will get hotter so you see I will be melting away soon at this rate. I have not had a letter yet from you addressed strait to the battalion, but am expecting one in a week or so. Lewis Morgan has not had a letter from home yet ask his mother if he has addressed his letters correctly he is in my company but not my platoon. He is quite well seems to have a little more sense now that he had while in England, but he has to watch points now one can’t do as he likes here. Has Jon been called up yet. I heard that all married men up to the age of 27 had been called up. Let me know. I am glad that you receive my letters alright. That last letter of yours came in pretty good time. I had the postmark of Mar 19th not so bad is it. Could you let me have a photo of some of you and ask Jon and Mag for one for me as well I should like to have one very much so that I will be able to look at your mugs sometimes. You ask me to write to Mr Lewis, Hengoed that other ministers’ sons have answered his letter. Well where are they, in England I expect, well I will write a short letter to him. I am writing this sitting on the floor or on the sand I should say. So you see a chap can’t write very well like that. The Germans are having a deuce of a hiding in Verdun(?) don’t you think so we hear out here that Turkey is asking for peace and that Bagdad has fallen, hope this is correct Roll on duration what do you say.
Give my love to Jon and Mag also Mailys and Dyfan congratulate them on their success in the Eistedfodd and concert. Tell Dyfan I should have all the prize next time not half of it. Hope Mam is alright by now hope she will keep to the mark. I have not got much to say this time you can wack me for writing letters hollow. I close with best love and wishes to all.
I am
Your loving Son
Tell Mam to take these one after each meal and she will soon be alright.

By the end of March, the Verdun offensive had cost the Germans 81,607 casualties. The battle (between the French and Germans) would last from Feb to Dec and ultimately cost 300,000 lives.
Anglo-Indian troops under General Maude entered Bagdad March 11th 1916 “amid loud celebrations from Baghdad’s 140,000 occupants; approximately 9,000 Turkish prisoners were taken.  Aside from striking a decisive propaganda blow for the Allies – the fall of Baghdad was of far less strategic than political value – its fall effectively brought to an end Turkish activity in Persia.”
Hengoed is down the Rhymney valley from Abertyswgg towards Caerfilly.