C Company
1/5th Welsh Regt
159th Brigade 53rd Division
Mar 28 1916

Dear Dad & Mam

I am writing you again to let you know that I have received mam’s letter you sent me to Sidi Bishr. I should say two letters in one dated Feb 27 the other March 9th There is no need for me to tell you what pleasure it gives me to receive these letters from you. I watch every mail that comes in like a cat watches a mouse. I am pleased to say that my letters are coming in very good now. I received one from Sam Jones of Rhymney the same time as yours. His was addressed to the GLC (Greek Labour Corps) and dated Feb 16. So you see the post office are looking after me well now. I have not received the long letter you state in your letter Mailys has sent to me, but no doubt it will turn up some day. Thank her very much for sending same. Glad to hear that she did well in the Hall. She is getting on well in most things now. You are asking me to write to Mr Evans, well I have done so at last, hope he will get it now I have written it. You are asking if it is possible for me to come home for a visit. Well I have no need to tell you I should only be too pleased of the chance, but I am afraid it is impossible for the present. But never mind this war won’t last much longer now, and then I shall come home to stay, no short visits about that so roll on duration. You say you are thinking of Hughie Cooper very often now the fighting is a bit rough in France, well let me tell you that Hughie will be alright, he is no doubt some miles behind the firing line and it is not the artillery that gets the shelling it is the infantry, but I wish him the very best of luck. I hear that you have had an extra amount of snow fall at home lately, we heard it was nine feet deep, but I am afraid that is rather over doing it. Well it is exactly the opposite out here, it is very hot here all day, but get quite chilly at night. I am glad it is because I am able to sleep like a top. You seem to have an idea that my eyes are very bad, you are quite mistaken they are not near so bad as you think. In fact, I have only to wear them while I am reading small print. I am not wearing them while writing this letter to you. I wrote to you two days ago hope you have received it. I always write back to you at once when I receive a letter from you. Well I must close now hoping you are all in the best of health at home I am in the pink as usual. Luw Morgan is alright, he is anxiously waiting for a letter from home. Give my love to Jon and Mag. I wrote to them last Sunday hope they will receive it alright. Give my love to Mailys and Dyfan hope they are doing well. Well so long for the present hope to get another letter soon. With best love and wishes to all.

I am
your loving son

Dear Dad 29.1916

Am very pleased to tell you that your letter of March 4th to hand today, thank you for it you can see that my letters are rolling in now