From the Illustrated London News January 15th 1916

imageThe evacuation of the peninsula had first been mooted in mid October; General Hamilton was opposed suggesting a 50% casualty rate. This prompted his replacement by General Sir Charles Munro who promptly made plans for evacuation. ANZAC and Suvla Bays were evacuated between December 10 and 20th. The final evacuation was from Cape Hellas where GCR was serving with the Greek Labour Corps. This was conducted over the night of January 7/8. The preparations and the deception techniques were so effective that there were only 3 casualties. GCR used to tell of how rifles were placed along the trench line set to fire once enough sand or water had dripped into a can attached to the trigger. The effect was to convince the Turks that the trenches were still occupied well after they had been abandoned.

Photo from in the public domain