While sorting out the letters for 1916, we discovered  the following undated letter, just marked Hearson Camp, Monday. Hearson was  a training camp in southern Pembrokeshire used by battalions of the Welsh Regiment prior to moving to East Anglia for final preparations with the 53rd Division and deployment overseas. This letter must have been written in late October or early November 1914. Its rather a poignant read knowing what was in store for GCR.

GCR's Pre Field Letter #1 GCR's Pre Field Letter #2

Hearson Camp


Dear Dad & Mam

Just a line to let you know that I am all right hoping you are all the same. I have not received a letter from you yet how is that I have sent you my address. We are not having a bad time down here. We have a cook dinner every day & a decent breakfast we had sausage on Saturday, Bacon on Sunday & Bread & butter & cheese Monday morning. The tea is a mixture of cocoa and coffee it is a toss up which it is. There was no church parade on Sunday & it did not seem like Sunday atall, but I went to a small Weslayan chapel with Dared Thomas on Sunday night. I am orderly for the day at our hut, this is I have got to get the food from the cookhouse & wash the dishes after the chaps have had it everybody has to do it in there turn. I shall be very glad if you could send me some cakes and ask Maggie has she got any to give away she said she would send me some. There is a draft going from here to Cambridge to make up the division for the Dardanelles. West is going with them. I have no more to say now. Hope you are allright. Remember me to Jon and Mag, Mailys and Dyfan.

Please write soon

I am

Your loving Son