Private GC Roberts 3144

attached Greek Labor Corps

Lancashire Landing

Dardanelles Army


December 27th, 1915

Dear Dad and Mam   

Just a line to let you know that I am alright hoping you all at home are the same. How did you enjoy your Xmas, let me know in your next letter. I will just let you know how I spent my Xmas. In the first place, I did not hang my stocking up but I found my foot in them in the morning. Well, I had some bacon for breakfast, for lunch steak, and desiccated vegetables for tea we had some blamonge made in a biscuit tin for a mould, jam and bread and butter. Then for dinner, 7 pm we had some turkey and potatoes also some Xmas Pudding supplied by the Daily News Funds, good stuff too. Our officers gave us three turkeys, very good of them dont you think so. After dinner we has a little sing song. We retired to bed at ten oclock. We keep respectable hours here. I forgot to mention that my bed is composed of five biscuit boxes placed longside each other very comfortable equal to any feather bed and cheaper. So ended with my Xmas day on Gallipoli Peninsular. The only thing that happened spoil the day, it was a grand sunny day, was the visit of a few Taubes which are fond of dropping bombs and darts. They must have smelt our turkeys and pudding. I expect things were a bit quiet in Abertysswg this Xmas a good many faces are missing. Will you let me know if there is conscription in England yet or did Lord Derbys Scheme succeed. Has Jack R. Hughes gone to France yet. Give my kind regards to Mr. Cooper. Tell him I hope Hughes is still alright and in good health. Hope Dyfan and Mailys are in good health, give my love to them, also Jon and Maggie. I have got no more to say this time only I have not had a letter since the one dated Nov 15 consciously waiting for another with every mail. Again hoping you are in good health with best love and wishes to all.

I am

Your loving son


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Taubes were WW1 German aircraft


Lord Derby’s Scheme in 1915 was an attempt to increase voluntary enlistment by directly canvassing all eligible as to whether they were willing to join up. It was a final attempt to avoid conscription and failed