Private GC Roberts 3144

Attached Greek Labour Corps

W. Beach

Mediterranean Expeditionary Force

November 25th, 1915

Dear Dad and Mam

I am again writing to tell you the same old story over again that is – I am in the best of health and am getting as fat as a barrel and I hope that all you at home are the same. The next bit is that I have not had a letter from anybody yet and I will be jolly glad when I do get one I can tell you it makes me feel uneasy sometimes that some of you are ill or something the matter, but I suppose I will get letters alright once you write to my present address, hope you will do so at once. I saw the Daily Mail for Nov 3, with Asquith’s speech and the resignation letter of Sir E. Carson in it. It makes me think that things are in a fine mess altogether. Try and get that paper if you have not already seen it. There are some good bits in it at least I think there is. Has Jonathan enlisted yet, if not it seems it will not be long before they will be fetching him. If he intends to join tell him to join anything but the infantry because they are the least paid and have to do the dirty work when they get into action. All I hope is that conscription will never come and this war will soon came to a satisfactory conclusion. Well how is mam and dad and Dyfan and Mailys getting on, I hope I shall be back again with you all before long so cheer up and every thing will come out alright in the end the same as all the story books do. Give my love to Jon and Mag hope they are in good health. I must now close with love and best wishes to all. Let me have all the news when you write next.

I am

Your Loving Son




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Goronway refers to the news of Edward Carson, who was leader of the Ulster Unionists and Attorney General for England and Wales in the wartime coalition government until his resignation in October 1915 after which he effectively became the Leader of the Opposition in the United Kingdom. His resignation was in protest over the conduct of the war in the Balkans. Herbert Asquith was the Prime Minister from April 5th, 1908 to December 5th, 1916.

He has at this point been returned to active duty on the Peninsula at W Beach, otherwise known as Lancashire Landing where on the initial assault the Lancashire Fusiliers suffered major losses and won “6 VCs before breakfast”.

He is not apparently back with his regiment still at Suvla but attached to the Greek Labour Corps; more of them later.