Private GC Roberts 3144

C Company

1/5th Welsh Regt

159th Brigade

53rd Division

Mediterranean Expeditionary Force


Sept 22 1915


Dear Dad and Mam


Just a line to let you know that I am still alive & kicking. I hope you are all in the best of health at home. I do not feel very bright for the last few days have go(t) a touch of the disentry. I am still at the convalescent camp. I have not received a letter from you yet some of the chaps in my regiment here have had some I can’t understand why I have not had one yet I shall be very pleased when I do get one. The weather here is very funny it is cold one day & hot another. I went over for a walk to one of the Greek villages last week. They don’t build their houses in decent streets like we do but every house is on its own & in no regular order. They all have red tiles & they look very pretty from a distance but not so pretty when you get close to them. I was watching a woman spinning wool for a bit they do it in a very funny way I can’t describe it. All the women wear white cloths over their heads.

I was speaking to one of our chaps from A Company & he told me that West was alright when he saw him last that was a fortnight ago. I was reading the News of the World today & I see it gives a bit of what we had to do on the new landing. It was the Sept 5 paper try to get it.

How is Dyfan and Mailys getting on. Is Mailys still knitting socks for soldiers and Dyfan still scouting or doing guard. Give my best love to them. Hope Mag and Jon are alright I am going to write to them. I hope Nain Jones is in good health send her my love is she with you or in Cefn. I would be very pleased to get a letter to know how you are all getting on. I have not much to say this time so I must draw to a close.

Hoping you are all in the best of health & hope to get Xmas dinner at home.

With best love to all

I am

Your loving Son



The Next Letter is coming September 29th


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