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Pte GC Roberts 3144

C Company

1/5th Welsh Regt

159th Brigade

53rd Division

Mediterranean Expeditionary Force

September (14) 16 1915


Dear Dad and Mam    


Just a line hoping you are in the best of health, I am alright, I put a boot on this morning for the first time for five weeks. I have been hobbling about with a puttee wrapped around my foot. So you see my foot is alright once again. I have had nine of of my rotten teeth pulled out and three filled. I do not know if I will be able to get some false teeth, will try. I have not had a letter from you, yet it is rotten not to have had a letter for two months, the mail service is rotten. I expect there is a big mail waiting for me on the Peninsular but I have sent to ask them to send them on here. I am about fed up with this place, there is nothing to do and nowhere to go. Eat & sleep and write letters are my principle occupation. We are getting rather wet weather here lately. The monsoon weather will start about the end of this month and then we will get washed off the map. I have written to Uncle Moses & Auntee Annie, also to Jonathan. I hope you are getting my letters alright, I wish I had a letter from you to know how you are. I should be far more satisfied. How is Dyfan and Mailys are alright and back at school again. Did Mailys pass the Junior Exam, hope

I am writing this part of the letter two days after the first


I do not feel up to much these last few days, got a touch of (diarrhea).  It was raining terribly heavy yesterday my tent was blown over and I got soaking wet and last night I slept in a marquee and had to get up in the night to put the pegs down because they had been pulled up. Has Mr. West heard from Arthur yet, let me know. I have had no news of him, I expect he is alright. We hear out here that  there has been a big advance in France and that the Russians are doing fine work. Has the strike been settled yet. It makes one feel ashamed of being a Welsh man when one hears of such things in such times as these. How are all the folks at Abertysswg getting on. Give my kind regards to Mrs Davies and family also to Mr. Cooper, hope Hughie is still alright. I must now draw to a close, hope you are all in good health, give my best love to Dyfan and Mailys. Hope to get a letter soon.


I am

Your loving son


September 16th, 1915 #1 September 16th, 1915 #2 September 16th, 1915 #3 September 16th, 1915 #4


The strike to which GCR is referring is the 1915 South Wales Coalfield strike. The mine owners were doing very well out of the war but the miners felt that none of this extra profit was being translated into improved wages or conditions. Some among them also acted out of an anti-war sentiment. Eventually LLoyd George was despatch to negotiate and the matter was settled on the miners terms.