Pte GC Roberts 3144

C Company
1/5th Welsh Regt
159th Brigade
53rd Division
Mediterranean Expeditionary Force         September 3 1915

Lowland Divison Casualty Clearing Station 

Convalescent  XXXX (Self Censored)
Dear Dad and Mam
Just a line hoping you are all well at home. My wound is nearly better now, but I am going to have my teeth taken out. I have been having tooth ache so I am having all the bad ones out. It will be a good thing, don’t you think so. I have not had a letter from you yet. I should have had one by now, I can’t understand where they get to. Do you put the right address on the envelope. How are things getting on at Abertysswg I wish I could get some news. Things go very slow here. I can tell you we are always on the lookout for some fresh news.
I have written to Jonathan a few days ago hope he has received it alright. Has Mr. West heard any thing from his son I dare say he is alright, because he was left behind on board ship on fatigue work when we landed so he missed the liveliest part of the show. Let me know if they have heard anything from him. Hope Dyfan and Mailys enjoyed their holidays, I expect they are back at school again. I hope Mailys has passed the Juniors, because it will be a good help for you. How is Jon and Mag, give my love to them. Also give my love to Dyfan and Mailys and hope Dad and Mam are in the best of health. I should like to see you all, I must now close with the best love and wishes to all.
I am your loving son
P.S. My shirt is in a lively condition.

Comments:- As with all aspects of hygiene in the field, dental hygiene has always been a problem for troops on active service. That and the incredibly hard army biscuits would have kept the force dentists extremely busy. GCR mentions the “lively condition” of his shirt; this is probably a reference to the lice which were both an annoyance and a deadly threat, carrying trench typhus.

GCR realized that he should not report his location so attempted to self censor the address,  as shown above. It is however possible to make out that he was as the Lowland Division Casualty Clearing Station which was located on Lemnos, not far from the Australian General Hospital.

“No 52 (1/1st Lowland) Casualty Clearing Station (T.F.): Formed in Glasgow as the Lowland Clearing Hospital, but later redesignated No.52 C.C.S. The unit departed England 9 June and landed at Alexandria, Egypt 20 June. Opened at West Mudros on the island of Lemnos on 5 July and served as a convalescent depot. It began operation with 1,760 beds, but later expanded to 2,000.”Patrick Gariepy, The Gallipolian, Spring 2006

The following is a map of West Mudros (on Lemnos) produced by the Hospital Works Department. The 3rd Australian General Hospital is labelled B and the Lowland Casualty Clearing Station is No10.  


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