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Pte GC Roberts 3144

C Company

1/5th Welsh Regt

159th Brigade

53rd Division

Mediterranean Expeditionary Force August 25 1915

Dear Dad and Mam

Just a line to let you know I am alright but I still at the convalescent camp. I hope that you are all well at home and not worrying about me, because there is nothing to worry about. My wound is nearly alright again. I shall be very pleased to receive a letter from you. I would willingly give a few quid for one. I should like if you could send some writing paper, 3 or 4 penny packets would be best. I hope you are receiving my letters. When you write, give me all the news you can.

I was at a Church of England service on Sunday morning, there was no other here. The Chaplain was a very plain speaker, I enjoyed him very much. There was not any of the fancy touches about him. His text was, “Take thought for your soul”. There are a great many think of that when they are in action I can tell you. I hope to be able to see you before very long and come to stay at that. How is Mailys and Dyfan getting on? Hope they are enjoying their holidays. I have had a very different holiday this year to last. Is Nain Jones still at Abertysswg, give her my best love. Has Mailys had the result of the junior exam yet? Let me know when she does, wish her luck. I bet you would have a fine laugh if you saw me walking about with a boot on one foot and a puttee wrapped round the other, looks a bit queer. We get plenty of food in the camp so that is all I worry about. Give my kind regard to Mr Cooper, tell him I am going to write to Hughie. Also give my love to Jon and May. I must now draw to a close. Hoping you are all in the best of health. I am in the Pink.

I am your Loving Son


Comment – When GCR refers to the Chaplain being a plain speaker with no fancy touches, this would have been meant by way of approval from the young Welshman brought up as a Baptist who would have expected a CoE Chaplain to be a bit “High” for his liking.