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Pte GC Roberts 3144

C Company

1/5 Welsh Regt

159 Brigade

53rd Division

Mediterranean Expeditionary Force

August 16 1916

Dear Dad and Mam

Just alive to let you know that I am getting in the pink. My foot is much better by now and I will be able to jump quite as good as before because there are no bones broken. I am having a decent time and the sisters here are very good to us. They are much more homely than our English. I forgot to tell you I am in an Australian hospital. I may tell you I have great reason to be the thankful to God that I only had it in the foot, because I was in a warm corner when it happened. I hope this war will soon be over. There is a great difference in soldiering out here and soldiering in England you are apt to get hurt here, but still I am not at all down hearted. I shall be very pleased when I receive a letter from you have not had one yet. Give my love to Dyfan and Mailys hope they are getting an alright. Hope Mailys will pass her Juniors and that Dyfan enjoyed being in camp. Give my love to Jon, Mag, and Nain Jones. I was speaking to a chap from Jack Jones Regiment, he is alright. I have written to you several times hope you have received them. Please let me have a word as soon as you can. I have no more to say at present. Close with best love to all.

I am

Your loving Son